Decorate & Design

Have you ever wondered why some homes just feel right – cozy, elegant, and organized?

There are some secrets to this which I will share and show you how you can decorate and design and create a home that is uniquely yours.

We will discuss the ins and out of choosing the right materials, using the right colors, layering lighting, adding texture, and playing with patterns.

Paint can work miracles!  We will explore the impact a coat of paint or wallpaper will have.  As you know, color plays such a major role in how we feel.  This is true about using color in a home.  We will explore the emotions that colors evoke and how you can best use them at home.

Learn how to decorate and design your home using new materials in flooring, countertops, and tiles, rugs, and more.

We look at lighting and how that can change the mood of a room.  Furniture placement and scale is also important to design for function as well as decorate for the aesthetic look for your home.   By learning more about decorating and design you will be able to create a home that is uniquely yours.