Small Space Living

Living in a small home or a condo offers the opportunity to live large in a smaller space. As anyone who has lived in a condo or a smaller space knows space and storage are often an issue.  When you see the condo empty it looks like there is so much storage but as our personal items move in with us, and, as we accumulate items over the years it quickly becomes apparent that storage is essential to trouble free condo life.

Storage – there is never enough!

How can you find more storage?  I’m constantly asking myself this question as I too, have lived in a condo and now live in a small(er) space.

Lifestyle – does your home support the way you want to live?

Above all, think lifestyle….how do you want your space to look like, to feel, and to function? Does your condo need a makeover or a complete facelift?

Can you achieve some of that change just by re-evaluating your storage needs? No, then you will likely need to de-clutter – to clear away the things you no longer need, that no longer serve your desired lifestyle.

The best laid plans….

After that, your next step is to make a plan.

In a condo there are only so many walls that are available for storage.  Are you wasting some of your storage opportunities with storage items that are low to the ground?  Would built in storage work well in your condo?

Quick Fixes

Sometimes just improving the lighting and a fresh coat of paint can change how you feel about your space. In many older buildings there is no overhead lighting in the living room area. Can a layered lighting plan help improve the functionality of how you work/read/watch TV in the space?

Living in a small space doesn’t have to mean you are drowning in your items – by evaluating how you use your space, what your needs are, and how you can create “hidden” storage will transform the feeling of overwhelm into calm.

Join me to learn how condo living means you can live large in a small space.

Lifestyle: Living Large in a Condo

Lifestyle: Living Large in a Condo

Living your best life in your condo. There are some wonderful reasons to live in a condo – the amenities, lack of maintenance, no need to shovel snow!
However, there are some downsides and many of them revolve around living in a smaller space. It’s my hope that this will give you some ideas to get a start on creating or updating the home you want into the home that supports your needs and helps you live a more fulfilled life.